Fresh Oral Care Flavor Originated From WINCOM Creation

Toothpaste Flavor (For Adult)

As a part of body scent, more and more people pay attention to oral scent, smell and taste their favorite taste when brushing their teeth, which will make the experience process full of more pleasure. WINCOM pays attention to consumers's demands for various tastes and provides professional aroma recommendations. Besides mainstream mint aroma, WINCOM has innovatively developed fruit, tea, and floral aromas.etc. WINCOM provides diversified scents from traditional, popular to innovative for you to choose from, so toothpaste also has attributes of pleasing yourself.

Toothpaste Flavor (For Child)

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to children's oral health. WINCOM fully considers the characteristics of children's oral cavity and the differences in nursing needs in different periods. To enable children to accept the sensation of toothpaste brushing their teeth in their mouths as soon as possible, we create scents that is familiar to children, such as milk flavor,strawberry flavor,apple flavor,orange flavor, ice cream flavor, etc., so as to attract children to like to brush their teeth and take the initiative to brush their teeth, and make them like brushing their teeth.

Mouthwash Flavor

Sense of cleanliness, freshness, and health are common expectations of consumers for mouthwash products. In recent years, portable mouthwash products with sweetness and scent have gradually been favored by consumers, and provides a new comfortable oral care experience for consumers. Based on consumer insights and market trends, WINCOM provides more creative and new concept  flavors, customizes and provides unique sensory experiences for customers' brand products. WINCOM help customers enhance the market competitiveness of their products and endow brand vitality with innovation.

Oral Spray Area

As the gradual changes in oral health consumption concepts, Scalability of oral care is getting stronger. Oral spray, as an emerging product form, meets the different usage scenarios and habits of consumers. WINCOM innovates for the quality of life, continuously develops new flavors of oral care products and keeps up with the trend of fashionable oral consumption. We satisfy consumers' requirements for Younger, fashionable products, and make customers' brand products popular in terms of taste.

Toothpowder Flavor

Innovative oral care product-tooth powder, with trendy and innovative scent, providing a more pleasant oral care experience for consumers. WINCOM looks to the future, captures the latest flavor trends, actively empowers new oral products, enhances the sensory dimensions such as fragrance pleasure and taste comfort, and injects new vitality into customer products.