High-end Fragrance Originated From WINCOM Creation

Hair Care Fragrance

Hair is a very important part of the human body. At present, Consumers are washing their hair with higher frequency in daily life, and their demand for shampoo and hair care is gradually escalating. In shampoo and hair care products,  fragrance can bring joy and happiness to consumers through a unique olfactory experience, thereby enhancing the tonality of brand products. WINCOM fully excavate market data, gain insights into consumer fragrance needs, and create exquisite, popular and innovative fragrances. Let your soft and bright hair exude bursts of sweet fragrance under the breeze, which is unforgettable.

Body Cleaning

As consumers’ demand for bath products becomes more refined, the bathing category is rich and high-end bathing brands  are constantly flooding into the market. WINCOM provide consumers with a "Happy to wash" and "Fun to wash" life experience through fragrance, and empower bath products with added value. We are led by research and development, analyze and insight into the latest fragrance trends in perfumes by mining market data, and conduct cross-border integration to let consumers can enjoy the pleasure of fragrance while cleaning their skin. We formulate fragrance that can make consumers feel long-lasting and memorable through unique fragrance recognition technology and combined innovative talents and technical expertise, make you refreshed and enjoy life every day.

Fabric care Fragrance

We use professional flavor knowledge, follow market trends, grasp the development trend of fragrance, create new fragrance products to meet the needs of consumers, draw inspiration from nature, incorporate the fragrance of flowers, the warmth of the sun, the refreshing after the rain and herbal fragrance etc. to integrate into every piece of clothing. We want to let the clothe with fragrance for a long time, create more surprise experiences for consumers, and increase the happiness of their daily lives.

Fine Fragrance

Perfuming of perfume is an art of creation with inspiration. WINCOM’s professional team combines artistic talents with understanding of the market and consumers to formulate perfumes with lasting appeal. Whether natural or synthetic Raw materials, our perfumers can seek inspiration from high-quality raw materials, grasp the latest market information and use high-end fragrance technology to commit to creating exciting and intriguing fragrance to create and lead the new trend of fragrance.

Air Care

As higher and higher requirements of quality of life and space environment people, fragrance can resonate emotionally between the brand and the customer and allow consumers to fill a familiar space with a good smell and add a feeling of nostalgia for the special space under each breath. WINCOM creates an exclusive fragrance mark for our customers to let consumers of our customers generate aroma memories and empower our customers' brand development. 

Home care Fragrance

Fragrance plays a key role in home care products. We use intuitive smell impressions to build relationships between people. Regardless of detergent, oil fume cleaner or other household cleaners, we integrate and analyze market fragrance trends and combine customer requirements to form product fragrance based on the trend of end consumer preference, and also reflects the main functions of the product and continues to empower customers. 

Disinfectant Fragrance

WINCOM provides long-lasting fragrance series with various aspects such as the characteristics of disinfection products, the structure of the fragrance, the natural fragrance, and the fragrance type to our customers. We combine market demand and consumer psychological needs to be more effective, more natural, and closer to life. 

Essential Oil Fragrance

Derived from fragrance, extract the essence of natural plants, incorporate many natural plant essential oils into all aspects of life,enjoy the efficacy and energy derived from nature and continuously create the joy of life.

Skin care cosmetic Fragrance

"Fragrance" has become an important factor for current consumers to choose cosmetics. Skin care cosmetics with long-lasting fragrance can excavate more subtle sensibility through the human body's sense of smell, and make people feel comfortable through the experience of smell and aroma to form a special attraction. As consumers continue to pursue the pleasant fragrance of skin care cosmetics, WINCOM has insight into the trend of popular fragrances in the market, captures consumer needs, carefully screens fragrance raw materials and continuously improves fragrance technology to create and provides more new and modern fragrance solutions of skin care cosmetics to our customers.