WINCOM Technology Ingenuity Research

Four-level Research & Development system

Build the industry's top R&D capabilities, do the good products as criterion, target the market and customer needs, explore advanced technologies, and support the industrial development in the next 3-5 years

  • Applied Research

    Applicable applied technology research within 1-2 years

  • Basic Research

    Basic technology research in the next 3-5 years

  • Future Technology Research

    Prospective technology research in the next 5-10 years


Enterprise Research & Development Center

Open innovation, strengthen external cooperation, integrate superior technology resources, accelerate research on cutting-edge technologies, core technologies and common technologies, and achieve technology and product leadership.

  • WINCOM partnered with universities, colleges, and scientific research institutions to closely engage in industry-university-research cooperation. The partners include South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Donghua University, and Shanghai Research Institute of Fragrance & Flavor Industry.

  • WINCOM teamed up with Shanghai Institute of Technology to establish the Joint Lab of Fragrance & Flavor, which is part of the strategic alliance of industry-university-research cooperation.

  • WINCOM  has carried out close cooperation in production, learning and research  with South China University of technology, South China Agricultural  University, Shanghai University of applied technology, Zhongkai College  of agricultural engineering, Zhejiang University of technology and  industry, Shanghai Donghua University, Shanghai spice Research Institute  and other institutions of higher learning, scientific research  institutes, universities and technical secondary schools

Creative Market Center

Based on the big data platform, WINCOM drives the product matching with certain market trends.

STEP1: Diagnosis on customer usage of scented products

Finish the usage of scented analysis of customers' products.

STEP2: Analysis and insight on types of scents on market

•  With the help of data tools, WINCOM analyzes the characteristics of products in the markets from the perspective of fragrance notes, efficacy, selling point, and marketing.

•  WINCOM explores the customer need and discover laws of the products‘ fragrance with analysis of fragrance trend marketing channel.

STEP3: Output of scented products

After spotting the fragrance of customer's products, WINCOM produces a resolve scheme of fragrance products to meet the customer's need according to the market trend of fragrance type of products.

STEP4: Differentiated customization of scented products

Tailored for customer's products, customize customers' personalized fragrance products, and provide a set of product solutions including product planning, group orientation analysis and marketing promotion strategy.

STEP5: Iterative upgrade of types of scents

The customized types of scents will be iterated upgraded or extend to a reserved scheme for complete unique brand series so that to immediately respond and meet the customer's need .

Applied Technology Center

Customers are provided with technical consultation and resource docking as well as innovative and unique product solutions with a professional and creative application technology team

  • Innovative Fragrance Combination

    With crossover and mix match of essences, a new surprise is created in the aroma curve

  • Product Application Innovation

    Innovative applications of aromas are created in different categories, such as personal care, fabric care, beverage, baking, candy, etc.

  • Technology Concept Collision

    Provide customers with conceptual ideas through regular review and forecast of aroma trends

Manufacturing Center

WINCOM has introduced a batching system, a professional raw material storage and batching systems.

Only for creating a complete, transparent, and safe

supply of flavors and fragrances with core competitiveness

Quality Management Center

Strict quality management system of Work-flow management, process management and result management, just for every minute of safety.